10 Landscaping Ideas For Using Stepping Stones in Your Garden

If you took a survey of residences in urban and sub urban Nigeria, you would find that 9.5 out of 10 homes were either ‘interlocked’ or ‘concretised’. My colloquialisms speak to the fact that most developers, clients and almost anyone building, tend to make use of interlocking pavings or good old fashioned concrete for the entirety of the unbuilt area of the given site. They’re mostly oblivious to the heat island effects and general lack of green space that this approach perpetuates and often times are none the wiser as to what alternatives they could employ.

There are a plethora of ways to deal with this challenge. Introducing green areas and lawns go a long way to make a home feel well, more homely. Proper pathways in and around backyards and entry ways are a great way to make sure that these green spaces stay green and lush while still allowing people to enjoy the outdoor space.

One of my favourite solutions to the aforementioned pathways have to be stepping stones. Stepping stones come in so many different styles and can be arranged to create different looks and feels depending on your preferences.

This article originally published on contemporist offers 10 examples of stepping stones used in various landscaping projects that could give you an idea of what to do for your next project.

1. Slabs of stones contribute to a natural, raw feel in this grass-less backyard.


2. Square and rectangular stones used here guide people around the yard and add a unique style element to the yard.


3. Round stepping stones scattered throughout the yard of this home create paths and fun places to practice your hopping skills.


4. Warm stones create a wide path in the backyard of this single family home.


5. Large concrete stepping stones line the side of this sloping yard, making for an easy path around the house.


6. These round stepping stones surrounded by grass connect the various areas of this park, and add a touch of fun with their circular shapes.


7. This small backyard uses stone slabs in various sizes to create a geometric pathway.


8. Circular stepping stones surrounded by small pebbles, lights, and greenery create a pathway through this backyard.


9. These large stones allow you to get from one part of the yard to the outdoor shower without getting gravel stuck in between your toes.


10. Round stepping stones carry you over a rocky path into the yard of this Tokyo home.


  1. Using stepping stones as ways to provide contrast to all of the flowers and grass sounds interesting. This definitely could help us create a varied look all around our property, one that won’t leave us bored with it after a few years. I’ll get a landscape expert to help us out with this immediately so we can use stepping stones properly.

  2. It got me when you talked about stepping stones and how they come in various styles and can be positioned depending on our preferences. I would like to achieve a walkway with rounded stones and small rocks scattered around it. It has been one of the things I have been fascinated with since I was a teen ever since I saw one in a magazine.

  3. Great tip about laying large stepping stones on a slope. My wife wants to improve our layout. We’ll have to hire a landscaper to help with the implementation.

  4. I like that you talked about having large stones we can step on to keep gravel from getting stuck in our toes. I would love that for the walkway I wanted to get going to the garden, so we will not step on the soil as well. Now, I just need to find a professional landscape design company to hire this weekend to start with the project as soon as possible.

  5. I appreciated you pointing out that different sizes of stone slabs can make a geometric pathway. My friend told me that their landscape needs to be improved. I should advise her to look for a landscape design service with vast experience in the field.

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