Five and Six Reintroduces Vintage Textile Motifs from West Africa

Late last month, Five and Six Textiles launched a brand new capsule collection inspired by West African vintage motifs that have been out of production for decades.

After a long process of research and collaboration with the weavers in Côte d’Ivoire, Five and Six Textiles have crafted an array of home textiles which include bedspreads, throws, pillows, a table collection, and pictorial weavings.

About the Collection

Over the last year, we dug into scholarly archives and museum collections for inspiration. There we found motifs we had never seen before as well as ones reminiscent of patterns found in contemporary textiles. 

After bringing what we discovered to our artisans, the artistic inspiration started flowing. They immediately recognised the motifs and made suggestions of how to reimagine them. They also shared histories of the motifs and meanings behind how they look. The weavers of Waraniéné added context and meaning to the original motifs. In so doing, making them their own.

Textile design has always been collaborative. West African textiles are a nomadic product thanks to their portability. Weavers traveled across vast distances selling their designs, exchanging knowledge, and working as artisans for hire. Commissions allowed artisans to reinterpret old motifs to create modern textiles infused with their personal artistic point of view.  Five | Six continues within this framework, favouring slow production processes and human connection.

Five | Six started with the belief that the most exceptional textiles come from the artisans who originated them. This new collection realises that belief by connecting the past with the present.

About Five and Six Textiles

Mindfully crafted in partnership with a weaving collective in Northern Côte d’Ivoire.

Five | Six is a design brand dedicated to preserving heirloom textiles. Marrying skilled techniques with contemporary aesthetics, each piece combines the purpose of pictorial weaving with utilitarian process.

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