SYNCHRONISED SWIRLING: Water saving Swirl faucet design by Simin Qiu

Imagine being able to witness the beauty, form and elegance reminiscent of synchronized swimming every morning when you turn on your tap in the bathroom. Well, thats not too far off from what Simin Qui had in mind when he came up with this sleek and luxurious faucet design.

Qui, who is a design student in London’s Royal College of Art, had the idea to not just create something thats pleasant to look at, but also an optimally functional fixture, that is designed to save water, in a beautiful way, befitting called “SWIRL”.












SWIRL operates at the touch of a button on top of the faucet, doing away with the traditional lever. How does the water swirl you ask? Well, it works by sending water through a double turbine that spirals as water passes through it. This in turn creates an intricate lattice of thin streams of water. The turbine also limits the flow of water by about 15% to conserve more water. There are also 3 different nozzles to choose from depending on your ‘lattice’ design preference.

The design, which bagged an iF Design concept award in 2014, is something truely innovative. Granted it may have its limitations and technical flaws as its is still very much a concept, but, you cant deny the genius behind it.










[via bored panda]