Dining Areas are really never complete without a stylish Credenza. They offer storage, accent, a surface to place things on and all the goodness of bold horizontal furniture.

One gorgeous iteration of this household staple is the C1 Credenza by MF Design Group.
Created by one half of the Group, in the person of Marcus Friesl, the C1 is,… in a compound word, “Ultra-Contemporary”. The combination of a thin metal sheet and richly grained wood to create such a unique and striking form is supremely imaginative.
The folded thin metal sheet offers structure and support for the wooden upper and lower drawers, doing away with traditional ‘legs’ at the bottom, by simply bending the sheet to resemble feet. The drawer units float between the sides of the support sheet thanks to an embedded structural system that requires no intermediate support for a span of over 2m.

You may have noticed the absence of surface handles. To allow operability, ‘handles’ for the top drawers were cut into the metal sheet also doing away with protuding handles on the front face to create one clean, unobstructed plane, adding to its ‘ultra-contemporary-ness’.

Its elegant, its beautiful, its simple, its unique, its all the right words evoking all the right feelings and a testament to the results of well thought out and effective design and craftsmanship.