Foldable Furniture: Cut & Fold by Andrea Kordos and Tony Round

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Now a successfully funded kickstarter campaign, Cut & Fold furniture is an innovative furniture set featuring 2 unique pieces, ‘The Flip Shelf’ and ‘The Origami Chair’.

The pieces, partly inspired by Origami Paper Art, were created by architects Andrea Kordos and Tony Round of BlackLAB Architects. The construction technique behind this smart, space saving furniture involves the use of plywood and piano hinges. The plywood is cut into connecting planes based on a pre-specified template, then connected using the piano hinges which permit the folding, giving the piece its resultant shape and structure. So lets look at the pieces,


The space saving Flip Shelf, is an intelligent piece of work that can serve as a side table for a lounge chair or a night stand for bed. The Shelf is fixed to a wall and folded up to create the functional surface. Paired with an LED light, it makes a great spot for reading, and when not in use for reading, the shelf can be folded down to create a soft, in-direct mood light.








Origami Chair

Drawing inspiration from the art of folding paper, the Origami Chair is, as the designers put it, “simple and beautiful”. Its form is very engaging and (from what I hear) surprisingly comfortable, with a generous seat depth and width. The aforementioned piano hinges are the proverbial ‘linch pin’ that give the chair its structure. After, folding out, the plywood chair structure is then simply placed on an elegantly folded, thin, steel frame.






With 10 years experience in designing and building furniture, the duo, showcase effortless brilliance in these products which were also featured during the Interior Design Show in Toronto. Visit for more information about folding beds, convertible chairs and similar useful products.