The Bathsphere by Alexander Zhukovsky

Russian Designer Alexander Zhukovsky offers up a conceptual design for what could be the future of the bathroom – the Bathsphere.

Inspired by the “Bathysphere“, (a unique spherical deep-sea submersible used to conduct a series of dives off the coast of Bermuda from 1930 to 1934) Mr. Zhukovsky’s idea seeks redefine the concept of the bathroom and take it beyond a mundane space within which we wash our faces, brush our teeth or take a shower.

His bathsphere, though still a concept, features a transparent glass ball hanging from what is presumably a steel cable, intended to evoke a sense of weightlessness. It will allow the user create their own mood, offering the option to simulate rain, modify temperature, humidity, light, sound and even smells within the sphere.



  1. Wow I can’t help but notice how space pods have been adopted by designers since the new star wars movie came out, I believe the force has really been awakened!. Itlooks nice, sounds nice but how functional is it?
    I think its just adding more problems than the aesthetic feel it appears to have . Please see what i mean below:
    1. Additional load to the poor unfortunate structural member that will bear the spheres weight( then add water…then add the human or humans!!)..or may be a structural consultant will have to be involved knowing fully well that when his/her structural members are being designed in the bath areas an alien space pod might just be installed.

    2 Cleaning bathrooms have always been a bit annoying now i have to clean a transparent sphere please just try and imagine the logistics of how to achieve such a feat

    3. No more bath time with my baby(its a fantasy i have always had of me and my future wife) except we want to look like twins in a womb with little space to maneuver

    4. Seriously just imagine someone naked in that thing ….like stark naked !!! …yes Exactly what i thought.

    I like innovation but please the double decker sofa/bed in Lego movie seems to be more functional

    1. Well, I guess those are things that Mr. Zhukovsky will have to take into consideration. Also, more likely than not, the bathsphere will be a high-end piece commanding a price point thats intended for a higher income demographic.

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