A 3 storey modern home in Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, Germany designed by Alexander Brenner Architects. This 14 year old residence covers about 330sqm and took 3 years to complete. Its timeless in its style and simplicity serving as a reference point for exemplary residential design.

Here’s the Architects Description,

From the street, the north façade, which is composed of cubes and wall slabs, appears largely solid, and gives the impression of a single, detached villa. However, two individual city villas were realised behind this shared façade, whose different floor plans correspond to the needs and lifestyles of the respective inhabitants. While the villas have almost the same floor area, the western half of the duplex has a multi-room plan suitable for a family, whereas the eastern half was designed with an open, flowing room concept.


The generous stairs with twelve steps leads from the road to the entrance level. The entrances are invisibly integrated into the surface structure of the ground floor.


Additionally, the eastern half of the duplex offers direct access via the garage. Past a glazed wine cellar, a 14-metre long dressing room with fitted wardrobes leads to the bathing area and the bedroom. In front of the bedroom is the swimming pool, which is heated all year round by solar collectors on the roof. A single-flight stairway, which is lit from above, connects all three levels of the house.

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For the spacious two-storey room on the ground floor the architect designed a detached concrete kitchen counter and a dining table, whose concrete base supports a seemingly hovering timber tabletop, which is illuminated from below. The living area, the lounge zone and the workspace on the gallery are flooded with light entering through the glass façade on the south side, facing the view. At night, the lights in the interior play on the glass façade, blending with reflections of the city, the landscape and the pool.

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