The Green Wall House in Singapore by ADX Architects

An inspiring specimen of tropical residential architecture is embodied by the Green Wall House in Singapore designed by ADX Architects. The project turns constraints into opportunities by maximising space and optimizing orientation to take full advantage of the views without sacrificing privacy or comfort.

Most notable about this family home for four is the green wall (as the name implies) which acts as both a noise buffer/ privacy screen and an air filtration system of sorts.Here’s a full description from the architects via their archello page,


We were engaged to design a family home for the Tangs, a family of 4. They have 2 children in their teens, and their needs were simply to provide for a comfortable and modern abode that would allow for their family to spend memorable times and stay closely knitted. It was envisioned the home would be sustainable as well, hopefully for the generations to come.

Our Client’s requirements were specific in their response to certain spaces. The living area was to be comfortably spacious and the dining and kitchen were important social areas both for entertaining friends as well as spending quality time with family.

GreenWall_House plan 5


The house has an east-west orientation . The front facade faces almost directly west. Our Clients were concerned about the western sun. However, the views from the front were superior to the rear. The challenge was to provide views whilst not compromising on natural light, ventilation and privacy.

Our design used a green wall as a buffer zone to detach the house slightly from the neighbouring house, giving an impression of it being detached. The front of the house is articulated with horizontal screens that helped to screen western sunlight whilst at the same time allow for views out from the bedroom



The Green walls acts as a natural air filtration system, removing toxins and releasing oxygen to the environment. It also acts as a subtle noise barrier with its lush greenery.

We created a 9m tall green wall from the 2nd storey to the attic terrace. The bathrooms were planned at this location at 2nd and 3rd storey. At the attic level, a timber decked terrace also faces the green wall. At the bathrooms, the lushly planted green wall is an the inspiring, refreshing and calming feature wall that greets one as they enter the master bathroom at the 2nd storey and bathroom at the 3rd storey.

When the glass doors are opened, the bathrooms are naturally-ventilated. When the doors are closed, the user has full view of the green wall, which is visually refreshing for the user of the shower and long bath.

A series of vertical timber fins were designed along the length of the glazing to give a level of screening and privacy for the bathrooms. The choice of solid teak wood for the timber fins blended well with the wall of foliage as a backdrop.

GreenWall_House_17 GreenWall_House_16 GreenWall_House_18 GreenWall_House_1

At the attic, the green wall is fully exposed for the full view and enjoyment of the users entertaining and relaxing at the terrace. The integrated vertical green wall indeed acts as the visual connection for the whole house. We enhanced the greenery of the terrace by allowing for a extensive planter box that surrounds the outdoor terrace to the family room and the bathroom.

Good natural lighting is also introduced through the double volume high glazing at the dining space that spans 2 stories. We created a balcony which overlooks the dining and effectively allows light to filter into the 2nd storey space and stairs. As the house reaches the 3rd storey and attic, a skylight brings in natural light into the stair well.

GreenWall_House_11 GreenWall_House_11aGreenWall_House_12 GreenWall_House_13 GreenWall_House_12aGreenWall_House_14 GreenWall_House_15 GreenWall_House_28

GreenWall_House_2 GreenWall_House_22GreenWall_House_23GreenWall_House_24GreenWall_House_25GreenWall_House_26GreenWall_House_27GreenWall_House_20GreenWall_House_10

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