Dar Bianca Villa in Marrakesh by Imad Rhamouni

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Located in Rabat, Marrakesh, Dar Bianca is a metal and glass villa designed by Algerian architect Imad Rhamouni in collaboration with the villa’s French owners.

Built in 2006, the villa is a two-level house which includes two living areas, a sleek kitchen, six bedrooms, two bathrooms and a gym in close to 650 sqm. The guesthouse has an additional two bedrooms and a bathroom. Walls of glass blur the lines between indoor and outdoor space and make it easy to spy activity at the estate’s two swimming pools. The home was also featured in the James Bond movie, Spectre back in 2015, going viral online as the “James Bond Home”. It was later put on the market for $4.3 million (N1.5 billion).

[source: morocco world news]