Thank you for visiting Livin Spaces. As a design website, we are always on the lookout for new and inspiring content which could be in the form of projects, news, ideas, opinions, articles, personal DIY projects and much more.  See the submission details below.

Publish your projects

Submitting your work to be featured on Livin Spaces is a completely free and easy process. We are lovers of creatively designed and well executed projects whether in architecture, interior, landscaping, product design, design proposals or your very own DIY. The idea is to put your best foot forward and ensure you are submitting your best work for your own exposure. We will always respond to your submissions and offer suggestions on how best you can optimize your submissions. If we receive a submission that falls below the set standard, we will correspond with you and advice on how best to improve. After having a creatively designed and well executed project, here are our guidelines,

  1. Submissions should be made with a summarized detailed description of the project.
  2. The images submitted should be high resolution images with a minimum width of 1000px accompanied by sketches and other technical drawings if you have any. We always advise this because it’s a more engaging and relatable experience for readers, following your design from it’s concept to completion phase.

The submission can be emailed to us via and if the file is too large for the email, you can use any file hosting service like dropbox or google drive  to upload the files and share the link with us.

For your convenience, you can download this guideline here for future references. Please note that we charge nothing on project features and approval is based on the ingenuity and quality of the work.  We also accept videos. (the downloadable guideline is not available yet, but will be uploaded shortly)

Publish articles, news, and design stories

Livin Spaces is a platform that offers designers the opportunity to not only feature their works, but also to lend their voices to design-related issues, share their stories, news, experiences, ideas, opinions, knowledge and passion in their comfortable media formats (text, images or motion pictures). We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us for more details.