POST IT POWER: 8,024 Post-It Notes Turn Bland Office Walls Into Superhero Murals

In my usual foray through cyber space, (who still uses that term!?) I came across something that you don’t see ever so often. The marriage of office supplies and interior decor.


A creative agency employee named Ben Brucker, was tired of plain, boring walls at his work place so he came up with an idea to cover them in art. This art would make use of 8,024 post-it notes of varying colours and end up being pixelated portraits of popular superheroes.

office-wall-post-it-art-superheroes-ben-brucker-25 office-wall-post-it-art-superheroes-ben-brucker-25

This idea was not only VEEEEERY COOOOOL, but also quite cost effective as it was achieved on a budget of $300 (roughly N60 000+ in Naira right around now). The use of post-its was a no-brainer as the office had plans to relocate in a few months, as such whatever intervention was planned needed to NOT be permanent.

office-wall-post-it-art-superheroes-ben-brucker-11 office-wall-post-it-art-superheroes-ben-brucker-17 office-wall-post-it-art-superheroes-ben-brucker-9 office-wall-post-it-art-superheroes-ben-brucker-13 office-wall-post-it-art-superheroes-ben-brucker-4

According to Mr.Brucker, it took “one day, from about 10AM to 5:30PM” to get the murals up, with the help of others ofcourse. We could debate practicality all we want but as Ben said,…

 “This is a creative agency. This is the kind of thing we are supposed to have on our walls, and the kind of thing that we enjoy”

I say its a WIN. Nice work Mr. Brucker.


office-wall-post-it-art-superheroes-ben-brucker-21 office-wall-post-it-art-superheroes-ben-brucker-19

 [via bored panda]