PORTUGESE PANACHE: Casa no Restelo by Antonio Costa Lima Arquitectos

A nice piece of renovation work for a stylish villa-style dwelling in Lisbon, by Antonio Costa Lima Arquitectos. Here’s their description,

The house belongs to a band of housing built 60 years ago that is nowadays a very quiet neighbourhood of Lisbon. It was a renewal and an extension of the existing area by the alignment of the rear facade with the facades of the two neighbouring dwellings. The renewal was complete and included also the demolition of the pre-existing building, retaining only the the main facade.

vista_posterior_cores vista_do_pátio_cores sala_cores_escada_em_chapa

The morphology of the new building, facades and design coverage, intended to mirror the housing adjacent to the south, preserving the original axis of symmetry.

The idea was to define the core element composed of the staircase and fireplace, around which is the structured set of the three floor levels, uneven and “carved” in order to adapt to altimetry from both sides of the street. (S:\Projectos\300 - Habita347343o Unifamiliar\387 - Moradia (S:\Projectos\300 - Habita347343o Unifamiliar\387 - Moradia (S:\Projectos\300 - Habita347343o Unifamiliar\387 - Moradia Corte_1 Alçado_Principal Alçado_Posterior142131415293517232274



[via archdaily]