Stack I in Denmark by Arcgency is a temporary, sustainable and mobile office building made from shipping containers


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Copenhagen’s northern harbor is transitioning from a purely industrial location to part of the larger city. During this transformation, former factories, loading piers and port terminals have become vacant while the rate of development catches up. Designed by local practice Arcgency, a project entitled ‘made to move’ introduces a temporary building typology to efficiently inhabit these vacant lots.

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Design Conception

Stacked three storeys high, the used shipping containers are conceived as an experimental prefabricated scheme that challenges universal waste issues and traditional building techniques. The span between the units is utilized as flexible space for primary workspace functions, while interiors can be used for secondary functions such as meeting rooms, workshops and storage.

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Drawings courtesy Arcgency

The container stack is wrapped with high performing insulated sandwich panels, which help protect against the harsh Scandinavian climate. The cladding is bolted directly onto the container frame – as are the windows, roof elements and internal floor slabs. Visible installations are used for water, electricity and heating, making it easy to set up and take down.


Construction Images courtesy Arcgency

From the 40 foot long spaces inside the containers to the triple height voids between them, the various spatial experiences and scales invite a range of uses. Different levels and large interior windows make it possible to create the feeling of working in a collaborative atmosphere, with teams inhabiting different parts of the building. Furthermore, large full height openings allow natural light deep inside the office throughout the day, minimizing the need for artificial light.


  • Type: Container Office Building
  • Location: Nordhavnen, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Completed: 2015
  • Client: Unionkul a/s
  • Size: 660 sqm
  • Architect: Arcgency
  • Engineer: Structural- slothmøller. Energy-steensen & varming
  • Photography: Rasmus Hjortshøj