A look inside Cubana Lagos, a luxury nightlife destination designed by Andrezini

A little less than a year ago, we had the opportunity of visiting the site of what is now one of the most popular luxury nightlife destinations in the center of excellence- Cubana Lagos.

Designed by Lagos-based interior design and construction firm, Andrezini, Cubana Lagos sits in the heart of Victoria Island, and is crafted to cater to a high profile demographic which is evident in its luxury aesthetic, and the total construction cost, which is believed to be somewhere in the neighbourhood of N 1 000 000 000. As such the main attraction of the development is the 1000 person capacity luxury night club, called Club Pablo. From high end lighting and sound installations, to bespoke seating and decor, Club Pablo boasts all the bells and whistles one would find in a luxury night club.

The development also features a rooftop restaurant and lounge known as “The Grind” which is enveloped in steel and glass to offer an indoor-outdoor dining experience, as well as a contemporary take on the traditional open-air, bush bar branded as Cubana Hut ‘n’ Grill.