A Contemporary iteration of Traditional Style: Tudor Apartments by Urko Sanchez Architects in Mombasa, Kenya

You may remember Urko Sanchez from our piece on their Red Pepper House. We’ve come across yet another intriguing piece of design from their portfolio- The Tudor Apartments in Mombasa, Kenya.

Heres their description,

Tudor Apartments is an intimate project of 14 apartments in Tudor Creek-Mombasa. Enveloped in a mashrabiya structural shell, the building is distinctive in its creative design, ensuring privacy and optimizing natural ventilation and lighting. We took the challenge of translating our contemporary Swahili style to a groundbreaking high-rise structure where the apartments benefit from the experience of outdoor living, contact with nature and the integration of the surroundings into each private home.

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The award winning design ( AAK-Awards of Excellence in Architecture: Best Residential Project, 2013-Honorable Mention) covers 4000sqm and makes excellent use of the slope on the site to create both vista and amenity for the residents.

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