OPPEIN & HUAWEI have formed a Strategic Alliance for Smart Home Systems​

On August 10th, OPPEIN and Huawei held a strategic cooperation conference at the 2019 Huawei Developer Conference. Mr. Tan Qinxing, Vice President of OPPEIN and Huawei’s chief business officer, Shao Yang, IoT product line president Zhi Hao confirmed the cooperation between IoT and smart home.

OPPEIN will fully connect Huawei’s hilink platform to achieve an eco-win-win situation and bring better IoT solutions and smart home experiences to consumers.

OPPEIN and Huawei opened a new prelude of the win-win cooperation to jointly promote smart homes. With the rapid development of science and technology, it is of great significance for enterprises to provide consumers with more humane home life as well”

Mr. Tan Qinxing, Vice President of OPPEIN

OPPEIN is an active promoter of global smart homes. As a comprehensive integrated home service provider, OPPEIN manufacturing base covers the globe. From 1994, the first in China to industrialize the production of modern cabinets, to 2014 to overcome the consumer’s “decoration phobia”, to provide “what you see is what you get” decoration solutions and officially launched whole house furniture strategy to be the first domestic high-end custom home model.

And by 2018, the company developed assemble furniture business with strong R&D, information, design and integration capabilities, and extended rapidly with the new business model of”packaging and empowerment”. The feats have made outstanding contributions to the home furnishing industry, marketing model, industry culture, and standard system development. Every self-transformation of OPPEIN leads the development direction of the industry.

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