Matthew Williams


In 2012, Graham Hill, who is the founder of popular green design website, as well as a serial entrepreneur, completed his Life Edited Apartment in Soho, New York City. A flexible, ‘transformable’ space that leverages on smart design and space saving furniture, the Life Edited Apartment is able to pack 100 sqm of space (your average 2-3 bedroom flat) into 39 sqm (smaller than most studio flats).


Having spent over a year living in tiny spaces such as trailers, tents and even a boat, Mr.Graham sought to create an equally tiny apartment that was optimally designed and didn’t sacrifice function. To achieve his vision, he crowd-sourced the design via an online competition that saw over 300 entries submitted, with the winning idea coming from two Romanian architecture students, Catalin Sandu and Adrian Iancu. Their idea was entitled “One Size Fits All,” and formed the basis for the final design.

The Life Edited apartment caters to dinner parties for 12 people, sleeping/accommodations for 2 overnight guests, a home office and a home theater with digital projector. A complex mix of walls, drawers and beds move and unfold to create 6 rooms: living room, dining room, office, guest office, master bedroom and guest bedroom. If you include the kitchen and the bathroom (which also morphs into a phone booth or meditation room of sorts), the apartment includes 10 total rooms. Brooklyn-based architectural and design firm Guerin Glass Architecture wese responsible for building out the apartment, while the amazing furniture was sourced from resource furniture.

The video is a little longer than usual, but completely worth it, watch and enjoy.

LifeEdited-Plan-Closed LifeEdited-Plan-Dining LifeEdited-Plan-Open LifeEdited-Plan-Wall-Desk LifeEdited-Storage LifeEdited-South-Wall-Storage LifeEdited-Resource-Furniture-Swing-Bed-2 LifeEdited-Guest-Desk-Fire-Escape-Access LifeEdited-ThinBike LifeEdited-Moving-Wall-Storage LifeEdited-Entranceway LifeEdited-Coat-Closet LifeEdited-Kitchen-and-Bathroom LifeEdited-Kitchen-Cabinets LifeEdited-Kitchen-Counter LifeEdited-Drawer-Fridge LifeEdited-Kitchen-Detail LifeEdited-Shower LifeEdited-Toilet LifeEdited-Party-Scene

If you like these, you can view more images of the life edited apartment as well as images of apartment under construction.