On the High-End: Kenya’s Most Expensive House in Magnolia Hills Estate, Kitisuru.

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Kenya’s most expensive home (costing around KES 600, 000, 000 or $ 6 500 000, which at the current exchange rate would set you back N2.6 billion) is located at the heart of the Magnolia Hills Estate located in the lush suburbs of Kitusuru, Nairobi.

Known as “House 12” in the estate, the 5+ bedroom home, which is a popular tourist attraction,  sits atop a Hillock offering great views and an endless array of luxury amenities on each of its 3 floors. From landscaped lawns with cascading water fountains to glistening marble floors, mahogany doors, indoor outdoor jacuzzis and swimming pools, This home is truly one of a kind. For a more detailed description and a list of amenities refer to this article. Here are a few images of House 12.

magnolia-hills-kitisuru-1 magnolia-hills-kitisuru-2 magnolia-hills-kitisuru-7 magnolia-hills-kitisuru-9 magnolia-hills-kitisuru-12 magnolia-hills-kitisuru-13 magnolia-hills-kitisuru-16 magnolia-hills-kitisuru-17 magnolia-hills-kitisuru-19

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