The Edge in Amsterdamin by PLP Architecture is the World’s Smartest (and Greenest) Office Building

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In 2015, Bloomberg published a feature on what they termed “the smartest building in the world”. The editorial in question was about the Edge – a pioneering office building located in the center of Amsterdam’s Zuidas business district, designed by London-based plp architecture.

As the architects describe it via their website, “…The Edge is an office building which opens itself up to the city with its 15-storey atrium. The atrium acts as a window between the world of work and the outside, as well as providing a social heart for the building, and serving as an environmental buffer to reduce energy use. The client, a Dutch developer devoted to architectural innovation, asked for an ambitious building which would set new standards for office design in multiple areas, including sustainability, technology, workplace design, structural and façade engineering . Above all, the brief was to create an inspirational business environment.

The video above showcases the in’s, out’s and impressive features and technology behind what one would agree is the world’s smartest building. You can find out more about the edge in the full bloomberg feature or from the architects website.