Garage Makeovers: The Hottest Home Improvement Trends

Traditionally, majority of home improvement projects focus solely on the home and upgrading rooms such as the kitchen, bathrooms, family room and master bedroom. If there was any thought put into redoing the garage, it mostly included getting the new door. However, homeowners today have shifted much of their attention to the garage and whether they’re only looking to refresh it or it’s about providing high-end storage for their prized possessions, they now recognize the benefits of a garage makeover and the value it adds to the home.

Here are the latest improvement trends that can help you create a perfect garage.

1. Declutter to maximize the space

A common challenge in any garage makeover is organizing storage in order to maximize space. Unless you declutter first, no fancy design will ever work if you can’t see it from all the mess. So, your first step in a garage improvement project is getting rid of all the stuff you haven’t used in years that have only been collecting dust.

Once you’ve got it cleared out, find the right storage solutions to keep the rest of your things in order. For instance, start by installing shelves for your tools, gardening and fishing equipment, camping gear etc. There are excellent types of storage racks that make use of underutilized vertical space and car lifts which increase your parking space. Additionally, installing various types of drawers comes in very handy for storing small tools and items such as nails and screws.

Depending on your budget, options are practically limitless. Whatever you decide on, make sure it serves its purpose and is easily reached and well-organized, so you don’t have to waste your time going through all your stuff looking for one piece of equipment.

2. Get the right insurance

Since the garage is an important part of your property, it should be insured just like your main house. There are many types of insurance policies, so before you make your final decision, it’s a good idea to get professional advice on what is the best one for you. You will learn that there are insurance policies that cover the house itself against burglary, theft, fire, floods and other disasters, but many of them do not cover your car. Therefore, you should consider getting tailored car insurance that can give you a comprehensive protection against a number of insured events. And, with a package like that, you’ll be much calmer knowing that your entire property is safe and secured.

3. Upgrade the lighting

A garage is a practical and versatile area, so most people also use it as a work station for different DIY projects. Knowing this, it’s crucial you have a well-lit space so you don’t strain your eyes, struggle to find your tools and possibly even get injured. One of the best lighting options is LED lights that not only cast very natural light, but are also highly energy-efficient and will help you cut your electricity bill.

4. Install a security system

When thinking about securing your home, don’t overlook the garage. This is where you keep your car and probably some expensive tools. Moreover, in case of a burglary, intruders often pick the garage as their point of entry as it’s often attached to your home and is its the weakest spot. Therefore, it’s imperative your alarm system covers the garage as well, and you can enhance it by adding cameras and motion sensor lights that will alert you if anyone tries to break in.

5. Choose a matching design with rest of your home

Even if your garage is completely detached from your home, it should match its design. You want to achieve a coherent look and capture the same style. By going with the same exterior paint as your home and uniform windows and doors, you’ll create a balanced look that flows in its design and doesn’t stand in sharp contrast to the rest of your property.

On the inside, continue the same high-end look you used in your home. Surely you can’t recreate the exact look, but use the similar colour palette and go with high quality floor coating that will enhance the space and complement your vehicle. Such luxury finishes will undoubtedly add more value to your entire property.

Garage is definitely an important part of your property and with all these ideas, what you need to do is pick the design that best suits your needs and matches the rest of your house, get organized with good storage solutions, install great lighting and you’ll have a perfect garage!