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Inside the Nest: A detailed look at the Interior Design Scheme for Nest Homes Lekki-Abijo 4 Bedroom Fully Detached Home

The Nest Homes Lekki-Abijo is a brand New project located just off the Lekki-Epe expressway, 5 minutes from Novare Mall Sangotedo, Lekki.

Sitting on over 12,000 sqm, the development features five (5) unique homes types that are sure to suit the spatial and housing needs for YOU and Family. In this article we take a detailed, inside look at the interior design scheme of the Royal, Nest Homes Lekki-Abijo’s 4 Bedroom +1 BQ detached home type.

Inside the Royal: An exquisite 4 Bedroom Detached Home with BQ.

Trying to pinpoint what makes this Home uniquely special is a challenge! This is because everything – literally everything is different about this home. From the colour palettes to the choice of furniture and even down to the little elements like the rug pattern – the sense of richness and opulence echoes throughout the entire design.

Traditionalist, yet intense textures were introduced to further enhance the character of the home. The result is an array of calmly expressive spaces that do not scream “colours!” but sure command a certain persona that will make any designer proud. If there ever was a quintessential kind of home, this would be it; one that possesses a conservatively rich aura, yet so very appealingly modern to the contemporary mind! The regal nature of this Home is reflected in the expansive ‘overflowing-with-goodness’ spaces. With ventilation and natural lighting from all sides of the building, the ambiance within this unique house type is resplendent and luxurious.


From this cut-plane view, it’s easy to see how all spaces in the home connect each other. The living room is a large free-flowing space with little restriction with other sub-divisions of spaces that relate directly to it. In doing this, the design team has a space which feels open and free, but at the same time, gives needed privacy for other functions such as dining, reading, piano-play (for the music lover) and entertainment in the foyer. And this is brilliantly does so without the use of the usual rigid walls!

The super-sized kitchen on the ground floor adds to the uniqueness of this design and with the adjoining store/pantry and the dining section, it is a home for the ‘foodies’. The kitchen cabinets spread out generously on both of the island counter like wings on a majestic eagle soaking in early morning sunshine. The precision in the layout of the kitchen functions easily bring to mind a 7-star commercial kitchen; crisp white cabinets, polished counter-tops and everything easily within reach in such a lavish layout. You’d have to agree when we say it’s marvelous! Just beautiful, isn’t it?


Introducing boldness and colour to the conservatively tasteful lounge, the sofa and armchairs in the living room are to die for! The fabric texture gives away the richness of the entire room, and oh the colour! It’s amazing how it gives this extra “pop!” to the space that it’s hard not to notice how much thought has gone into this room to achieve a balance between the conservative and the contemporary.

The living area is bold and colorful; the yellow and lemon green furniture creates an elegant, warm and tranquil atmosphere while the natural wood of the TV wall and adjacent shelving balances out the edgy look. The design team cleverly and subtly toned down all the excitement by using elegant beige marble floor tiles and a ceiling finish & lighting that says “someone very important lives here”.

The dazzling feature wall and amazing wall art pieces of this space is harmonized by the off-white walls and beige flooring. The softness of the curtain is complemented by the hard patterns on the floor rug! The entire ensemble has a tribal undertone and draws a nostalgic feeling for the old-spirited. The ceiling design with the soft lighting gives a certain discipline to the dining area. It is an ideal room to have family breakfast and raise healthy kids that pass dishes to the right; the space feels all loving and lived in!

And now the kitchen! The two-toned kitchen cabinets and island spell out luxury – the kind you find at your favorite restaurant where you always look for an excuse to visit. The pared down look of the wall tiled area is minimalist and balances the rich hues of the kitchen furniture and drapes. The familiar patterns of the wall tiles markedly appeals to the fondly nostalgic. The sleek high stools turn up the luxury factor!

Reading is more fun with gentle music in the background; this music room/reading nook combo of the ground floor living room is a favorite section of the house. This piano cove undoubtedly has an artistic appeal to it! The way the lights bounce off the walls and floors give a subtly feel of being in a ballroom. You could almost imagine a pianist passionately playing away his best piece on the piano!

The pop of green in the upper floor family lounge (on the right) transforms the space from shy to fab! The bold green of the couch is mirrored in the beautiful wall painting it’s so admirable. The space is a haven filled with tranquility and the wall painting gives this natural freedom beyond the walls of the lounge area.

The array of colours and textures in the master bedroom is uplifting. The dark chocolate accent wall is offset beautifully by the wall art strategically assembled; the light grey walls flushing with the beige floor keeps the look sophisticated. The vibrant and uniquely mustard-coloured ottoman atop the rich chocolate rug is a feature that stands out this bedroom. The ottoman adds a lot of old-money character to the master bedroom whilst not discounting the rich texture of the profoundly generous center rug.

The TV wall of this master bedroom is an interesting detail; the minimalist wooden ledges is perfect for displaying that picture that family picture you took sitting atop a boat in the lakes of Paris, enjoying the views that La Seine candidly offered to families like yours that live the tourist lifestyle. The walk-in closet keeps stuff organized and clutter-free; the lovely dresser with large mirror has its unique and secured position which further enhances the space.

The simplistic lines of the master bathroom is perfect for starting the day with a clear head, or to unwind in before sleep. The unique rug piece evokes the feeling of the sandy beach which is akin to bath time; the twin mirrors above the double sink wash hand basin with a vanity that spans the full length of the wall is very modern and ideal for this master bathroom. The neutral backdrop of the shower area is calming and aids recuperation especially after a busy work day.

The design team certainly did not hold back in creating a kid’s bedroom that exudes opulence and grace! The silky sheets, the richly textured rug, the soft the curtain, soft light gently peeping through the window, and settling on the subtle colour palettes on the walls, the way the spotlight dramatically bounces off the wall – all these come together to create a space that speaks for itself. It is unassuming, candid but yet gives off this affluence that definitely catches the eye once you step into the room.

Recently completed Thomas Terraces by The Nest Homes.

The passion for detailed design translated into the Royal Scheme 1 can easily be seen in how our design team laid out the spaces and in the choice of the interior elements. There is a satisfaction in just looking at the spaces and appreciating the masterpiece that is the Royal Design Scheme 1. What do you think about this Royal Scheme, do you just Love it or do you absolutely LOVE it?!

With tastefully crafted design schemes, we give an idea of the enjoyable living experience that can be had in any of our contemporary homes, based on your style and preference. If you would like to own this home, register here to get an exclusive offer.

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