7 Benefits Hardwood Offers for Flooring Upgrades

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Have you just bought a new house and are looking to get your floors redone?  Do you want to get rid of your wall to wall carpet? Are you looking into hardwood flooring for your home? 

You came to the right place!  There are a number of benefits to getting hardwood flooring installed in your home, here you will find just a few of them.

Wood Flooring in the House of Light & Wind in Vietnam by Ray Architecture. See the full project here.

The dreaded wall to wall carpeting

Some people are all for carpet, and it does have its benefits.  Unfortunately, if you have children or pets wall to wall carpeting may not be for you.  Carpets can be difficult to clean, and you have to maintain them consistently. It also traps things like allergens and smells.  If you have pets, getting the fur off of your carpet can also pose a difficulty, and adding kids to the mix can make it worse.

Linoleum can be nice

Some people have linoleum or may tell you to use linoleum.  This can be a good material, and cheap, if you have dogs and kids.  It eliminates the problems that you can have with carpets. However, linoleum is not without its drawbacks. 

Linoleum is cheap but sometimes you can tell.  If you are looking for a nice flooring type to impress other people linoleum may not be for you.  Linoleum can also lift if not installed properly or moisture gets underneath it. Once it begins doing this, if it is not repaired swiftly the problem will only get bigger and then you will need a new floor.

Tile is okay

Tile is an alright type of flooring.  Unfortunately, it can be a tad on the expensive side.  It is a very pretty type of flooring and can be very durable, but tile can also break when something heavy is dropped on it.  Certain types of tile can be a pain to clean as well as it may have a slight texture.

Why should I choose a hardwood floor?

Wood floors in the SN-House in Indonesia by RUANGRONA. See the full project here.

There are a number of benefits to picking hardwood flooring for your home.

1.       Hardwood flooring is easy to clean –

Hardwood floor is by far one of the easiest types of floor to clean.  All you have to do is sweep it once a day and mop it every two to three days. Some wood floors do require polish every now and again, but they are not a huge deal to maintain.  If you have children or pets this type of floor can be one of the easiest to keep nice and tidy.

2.       Hardwood flooring prices are varied –

Hardwood flooring is by far one of the most varied floor materials out there.  You can get hardwood material for your floor fairly cheap or more on the expensive side. 

3.       Hardwood is not too difficult to install and professionals are fairly easy to find –

Hardwood flooring is a fairly quick and simple install.  It is not recommended that it is done by non-professionals, however, professionals can be found everywhere. Anyone who has a license to do construction should be able to help you with all your hardwood floor needs.

4.       Hardwood material is varied –

Hardwood is a nice material because it is fairly varied.  You can get a number of different wood and it comes in a variety of colors. No matter what your housing theme is, odds are that you can find wood that suits your taste.  One of the best parts is that you can also choose a variety of different things to seal or shine your wood floors with. Some people like super shiny hardwood while others prefer a more natural look.

5.       Hardwood can be very elegant and beautiful –

Hardwood gives a beauty to your home that carpet just cannot.  The only other material to have beauty comparable to hardwood is tile, but hardwood adds a warm, homey appearance that tile just does not have.

6.       Hardwood can make your home seem homier –

Hardwood is a material that has been used for years and years.  It adds a homey and warm feeling to your home that a lot of other floor materials do not have. If you want a more rustic appearance you can also capture that with hardwood.  It is a material that can give you the options with your home that you may want to have.

7.       Hardwood isn’t too difficult to repair –

Hardwood is an easier material to repair than a lot of the other floor materials can use.  It is not like carpet when you get a disgusting stain in the middle and you have to tear the whole thing out. The only other material that may be easier to replace than hardwood is tile, but that is not normally a cheap fix.

Why should I choose hardwood over the other materials?

Harwood does have some drawbacks, but it has far more pros than it does cons.  Hardwood gives you much more freedom than some of the other flooring materials out there.  It is one of the most durable materials that there is and will last for years upon years. If you are going to be living in your house for a while it is a material that you should really look into.

Hardwood is good for families

A wood footpath in the Benton House in Indonesia by Parisauli Architect Studio. See the full project here.

Families will find hardwood one of the best materials to use.  I can provide your family with the warm look that a family needs, plus it is so easy to clean that your children can help you to do it.  Let’s face it, kids can be messy, do you want to have to be that parent that yells at them every time they come in the house with muddy shoes or are wet?  The only drawback that it has is that you can’t use the carpet as an excuse to not get a pet.

If you are looking into keeping your home for a while.  If you want a floor that is good for your family and doesn’t hold allergens or mold, you should think about hardwood.  The benefits that hardwood provides are just too good to pass up.

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