The Wooden Cloth is a unique table created by Swedish designer Nathalie Dackelid.

The table is designed to adapt to the size required simply by rolling the table top, thanks to a distinct set of  “teeth” that act as a support of sorts for the table.

This feature makes it possible for the table to adapt to the many different situations in life, prolonging its usefulness. This could be a move to larger apartment, accomodating a few extra friends for dinner, or just freeing up a little extra space to dance. The intention is for the lifetime of the wood to determine the lifetime of the table.

The table is made of locally grown ash and has a finish of transparent Osmo oli.
620 (1200) x 750 x 720 mm

wooden-cloth_150216_04 wooden-cloth_150216_01 dackelid_wooden-cloth3 wooden-cloth-by-dackelid-2 wooden-cloth-by-dackelid-4

[via contemporist]