The Edo Door by Victor Ehikhamenor is an Ode to Historic Benin Bronze Art

Renowned Nigerian Artist, Victor Ehikhamenor recently completed ‘The Edo Door’ a seamless blend of art and design.

Conceived in collaboration with Nigerian Architect Ade Shokunbi of Patrick Waheed Design Consultancy, the Edo Door, combines modern design with iconic Benin bronze art, a deeply held heritage of Mr. Ehikhamenor.

In an instragram post, he details the importance and relevance of the traditional art form, as well as the symbolism behind ‘the door’ as an artistic expression in his hometown of Edo, Nigeria, as well in Africa as a whole. His inspiration for the door comes from the stolen bronze plaques on display in British museums and a number of other western institutions, using his art as a means to lend his voice to the ongoing global conversation around the ownership and legacy of African art. Here’s the original instagram post.

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As an artist from Edo, Nigeria, it is imperative that some of the greatest traditions that formed and inspired me when I was growing up in Uwessan village must not wither under the watch of my generation. Door has been one of those meaningful means of artistic expression in every part of Edo, Nigeria as well as the entire continent of Africa. So when the descendants of western marauders who pilfered our classic arts ask us where will the art they stole be returned to in Africa, I say to them…return to where they were stolen. Whatever we do with our property is upto us Africans. And we should never forget to remind them that art was not always for art sake. In making this door from bronze and wood to reminisce the stolen bronze plaques in British Museum and many other western institutions, I would like to thank the amazing architect, Ade Shokunbi of @pwdc_architect , who instigated and encouraged me to embark on this “Edo Door” endeavor and collaborated in birthing it. Thank you egbon mi! Many more to come. And this is another page in the biography of the forgotten, I must remember my ancestors who made some of the finest works in Igun street, Benin city, up to Olowe of Ise and many others after them. Thank you! “Edo Door” Victor Ehikhamenor (2018-2019) #bronzedoor #edoor #bronze #artofafrica #dontstealthis #icollaborate #beninkingdom #edostate #lagos #nigeria #victorehikhamenor

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Here are process images of Mr. Ehikhamenor creating the custom bronzes , as well as an image of the final Edo door.