Imagine being able to kick back and  relax in a hammock while having a bath at the same time. Well, the brilliant minds at Splinter works, known for creating furniture that is sculpture, have chosen to take on this challenge and boy did they nail it.

Described as “the ultimate vehicle for total escapism”, they created “VESSEL”. The curvaceous carbon fibre tub makes the act of having a bath, a whole new experience. It was designed to be used in a wet room and remain completely suspended. This creates a floating appearance achieved by simply fixing the ends of the tub with stainless steel brackets that can hidden or left apparent.






Do I hear someone asking “How do you get water into a floating tub?” With a floor standing tap ofcourse! oh! and you want to know how it goes out? Simply, the waste water from such a luxurious cleansing is released through the base of the tub into a floor drain.
Judging from the image below, i’m guessing the release valve has some kind of a spout to effective funnel out the water and not having splashing all over, even though i don’t get the floating drainage device.



The vessel is an embodiment of elegant innovation. To say its different would be insulting. The sheer length of between 2.5 meters to almost 3 meters goes to show just how different it is. The weave of the carbon fibre is a nod to its hammock origins while the foam core within keeps your hot bath, hot for a longer time. This not just a tub, its work of art. So do you want one yet?

Enjoy a few more images.

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