Matthias Ketz


[via contemporist]

Istabul based designer Paul Ketz, offers something unusual and pleasantly surprising with MOGLI –  a minimalist wooden wardrobe enveloped by a barrier of willow. As he describes it,

“…Designed for boutiques and the home, mogli is both a stage and wardrobe for your clothing. As with its namesake from Disney, in which a boy who thrives in the wilderness returns to civilization, mogli is the result of the intermingling of two worlds.”

The willow branches, left in their natural form, are center-stage in this wardrobe. The willow lets mogli‘s secrets peek through, and the sliding panels of flexible branches to open the wardrobe provide a unique tactile experience. In order to care for the willow, the panels can be removed and placed in the rain so that the willow can absorb the water and remain flexible for months to come – if the willow is given enough time, it will even bloom.