01 is world’s first dimensioning instrument. It is designed to elegantly capture dimensions and 3D curves of any object. Carved in aluminum, and contained within a pen, pencil or stylus, 01 is both a serious writing instrument and a to-go dimensioning instrument.

01 rolls to capture dimensions of any object, including 3D Curves, then logs, converts and shares through the smartphone or even download to key CAD software.


For Home
Dimension space for furniture, put up pictures, set up grid for posters, or get length of material needed. Share instantly.

For Work
Quickly log H*W*D in mm, inches or just about anything else. Measure and log complex contours. Use a scale and read drawings. 


For Fun
Check kid’s height, attach pic and share on social media. Dimension your grandfather’s mustache. Compete for the largest bicep. 


 Whether you model scenes or design cars, 01 makes it possible to capture key curves, as the fastest, most portable and most affordable 3D curve scanner. 


The 01 App comes in two versions, each with specific capabilities and functions.

APP LITE Features

  • Capture and label multiple dimensions
  • Log with picture, notes, name
  • Share via SMS, Email, make Facebook post
  • Convert units
  • Convert scale
  • Set laser blink interval

APP PRO Features.

You get the above listed App Lite features plus:

  • Capture 3D contours
  • View and spin in app
  • Log with picture, notes, dimensions
  • Share via SMS, Email etc
  • Download to CAD in key formats

After raising over $450 000 in January via a wildly successful indiegogo campaign, the 01 dimensioning tool is now available for purchase on the product’s official website for $150 (A little over N46 000)



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