I-cubic Design Debuts Octoba 19 – A Collection of Contemporary Leisure Chairs.

Octoba19 is a brand of I-cubic design, a Nigerian Furniture Manufacturer based in Lagos. The Octoba 19 initiative focuses on the development and retail of exquisitely manufactured contemporary furniture and lifestyle products. 

The debut product collection focuses on “Sitting” with a line of leisure chairs inspired by trends in informal contemporary seating styles for informal interactive spaces. The common activity of people sitting is one of unique importance and the designers behind Octoba 19 have an interest which focuses on the way and manner people sit in relaxed states, and how that shapes the way and manner in which we interact with spaces. 

The collection features an array of different seats characterized by vibrant colours and eco friendly fabric textures that are both durable and chic. The forms have a mid century modern aesthetic blended with geometry and style. Comfort is the foremost consideration behind the ergonomics of each of the chairs.

For more information on the chairs and how you can purchase visit the Octoba 19 instagram page.

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