EXPAND, ADAPT: REK Bookcase and Coffee Table by Reinier de Jong

The notion that furniture should be static and stationary becomes more and more archaic everyday. Nowadays, some furniture design seeks mobility to an extent or flexibility that allows it grow and adapt to its users.

Such could be said about the REK Bookcase and Coffee Table by Dutch Designer Reinier de Jong.

The first piece to go viral back in 2008 was the “REK bookcase” which as the designer describes it, “grows with your book collection.” The idea was that, as more books come in, the bookcase gets bigger. This is made possible by a seemingly zig zag parts which can slide in and out of each other, to either expand or collapse the size of the bookcase.

A few years later, He created a smaller version, aptly dubbed “REK Bookcase Jnr” for his then 2 year old son, who he described as being “fond of his little books” despite the digital age that is upon us.












Following the success of the Bookcase, Reinier went on to create the REK Coffee table, with the same attributes as its bookcase predecessor. The table can extend in any lateral direction to cater to small to medium sized groups of guests when entertaining.

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