All the way from Germany, is a modular furniture system that is quite impressive in its flexibility and versatility. Designed by Movisi, this innovative system is called BUILD.

Heres how the designers describe it,

BUILD permits you to ‘design’ your own composition.

A single modular element is the essence of this lightweight shelving and an endless variety of configurations and forms can be constructed by using it.

As shelving or partition, freestanding or mounted on the wall, BUILD adapts to your needs.

You can get even more creative by giving BUILD new functions. An individual element can perfectly double as transport box or seating.

BUILD is installed and reconfigured in minutes, with any number of units, anywhere.

No instructions, no tools– we promise!

You can get alot more information from their site – here








configurable-modular-bookshelf-movisi-build-9cache_10099699configurable-modular-bookshelf-movisi-build-1 configurable-modular-bookshelf-movisi-build-5 configurable-modular-bookshelf-movisi-build-6

configurable-modular-bookshelf-movisi-build-10 configurable-modular-bookshelf-movisi-build-11 configurable-modular-bookshelf-movisi-build-15 configurable-modular-bookshelf-movisi-build-16 configurable-modular-bookshelf-movisi-build-17



Its really something. Some might argue that its too far ‘left’, but I think its a progressive idea that seeks to be sustainable and more responsible in how its designed, built and used, Ultimately making “your life better”, and with a reddot in the bag, I’d say they’re well on their way. Enjoy the video below that gives an indepth overview of BUILD.


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