Designed by award winning Italian Architect, Allesandro Isola, (a Foster+Partners ‘alumnus’), The torque desk is an evocative piece of bespoke furniture, scratch that!! an evocative piece of art and design. Its inventive and defiant at the same time. It took convention, aimed, and hit nothing but net as it threw it in the trash can.
no words…


gasp! (taking in the beauty)

The sharp angles and lines speak of something timeless and distinct. Aside from the geometry, the mechanics and materials of the desk are equally ingenious. Rotating drawers (yes you read me right, rotating!!) stack up to meet a flat and slender metal plane effortlessly folding at one end to complete the structure. Within the stack of razor sharp drawers (can we still call them that?) is a spine from which they are cantilevered. This spine provides support for the desk, acts as a pivot and serves also as a cable management system connecting a electrical point on the floor to the desk surface.

torque-desk-6 torque-desk-8 torque-desk-detail-image torque-desk-5

Contemporary? Luxury? Futuristic? none of these words do justice in effectively defining this piece of art. The Torque desk is both functional and beautiful, an intentional deviation from ‘the norm’ to create a truly dynamic product.For more genius-level brilliance, click this.