Tu Lee


Designed by NguyenHieu Architecture, the Caro House is located in the new urban area of Vinh Yen City, Vinh Phuc Province. The terrain of the site features a slope of up to 2m, allowing the architects create a viable basement level / car park, upon which the core activity areas of the house would sit.

The Caro House was designed with 3 generations in mind, the young home owners, their children and their parents, as such it needed to be comfortable and somewhat flexible.

caro-house_18nguyenhieu-archi caro-house_05nguyenhieu-archi caro-house_13nguyenhieu-archi caro-house_14nguyenhieu-archi caro-house_01nguyenhieu-archi

Its westerly orientation, brought to the fore, the need to limit the sun’s i tensity  whilst ensuring adequate ventilation for the home. These requirements led to the design of the checkered facade. The facade acts a buffer of sorts, between the inner living areas and the outside, keeping temperature inside cool while protecting from excessive wind and sun from the west. It also acts a privacy screen, disrupting views while still permitting air flow and the permeation of natural light.

caro-house_06nguyenhieu-archi caro-house_02nguyenhieu-archi caro-house_04nguyenhieu-archi caro-house_12nguyenhieu-archi caro-house_03nguyenhieu-archi caro-house_16nguyenhieu-archi

Also aiding in daylighting and cross ventilation is an atrium space that doubles as a fountain/waterfall. It cuts through all the levels of the house, from the living/dining area to the master bedroom offering a unique ambiance with tranquil sounds of water flowing on a natural stone surface.

The checkered facade and atrium water fall definitely help the Caro House stand out, creating a play on light, air and sound that make for an intimate home which goes beyond aesthetics but embodies well crafted and environmentally conscious design.

caro-house_15nguyenhieu-archi caro-house_07nguyenhieu-archi caro-house_09nguyenhieu-archi caro-house_17nguyenhieu-archi caro-house_10nguyenhieu-archi caro-house_11nguyenhieu-archi caro-house_19nguyenhieu-archi caro-house_20nguyenhieu-archicaro-house_21nguyenhieu-archi